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Home Gallery

Turman Investment Properties, LLC provides residential homes in the Winston Sale, King, and Rurl Hall locations. Please enjoy browsing our home gallery, currently these homes are leased. 

933 Bitting Hall Cr

​Number of rooms: 3 BR 2 Bath

Size: 1150 square feet

​Rates: Not Available 

1629 Cranberry Hill
1636 Guilford Drive

​Number of rooms: 3 BR 1.5 BA

Size: 1000 square feet

​Rates: Not Available 

5959 Odenton Lane

​Number of rooms: 3 BR 2.5 BA

Size: 1600 square feet

​Rates: Not Available 

2013  Emmorywood

​Number of rooms: 3 BR 2.5 BA

Size: 1600 square feet

​Rates: Not Available

Camden Ridge

Number of rooms: 3 BR 2 BA

Size: 12000 square feet

​Rates: Not Available 

​Number of rooms: 3BR 2 Ba

Size: 1170 square feet

​Rates: Not Available

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